Can You Dye Synthetic Hair?

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair?

This question arises more often than expected and most people don’t really know the answer. If you are someone dealing with synthetic hair for the first time, then you’re at the right place!

Let’s find out whether it is safe and possible to dye synthetic hair!

Dyeing Synthetic Hair

Whether you wear a wig or have synthetic hair extensions, sometimes you will want to dye your hair for a quick change. But can you do so?


Since synthetic hair is made up of fibers, they naturally do not absorb hair dye but that should not stop you from getting the hair you want!


This is where your creativity jumps in! You can use fabric dyes to give your hair a funky look, but do remember that, like natural hair dyes, you cannot dye your synthetic hair a lighter color from their original one. 


You can also use Alcohol-based ink mixed with water to dye your wig and extensions. You can then spray the dye onto your hair, getting the desired shade of hair in a few easy steps. 

Final Thoughts

The question of whether you can dye your synthetic hair was quite easy to answer– the trickier part is whether you SHOULD dye them? 


Fabric dyes can damage your synthetic hair if used too frequently. It is not ideal to dye your wigs or extensions, but if you really have to, then go for it, fabric dyes won’t fail you!

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