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margarethaire.jpg Margaret Haire has many fond and special memories of going with her mother and grandmother to the Old German Village of her large Midwestern city to search for just the right gift or Christmas decoration. Based on that early love of all things pretty and old, Margaret and her husband, Dennis, began collecting antique Christmas, and then eventually, other holiday decorations.

In the early 1990's out of a love of family, faith and tradition, Margaret began to create whimsical pieces inspired by the charming bisque-faced Rolled Cotton People imported to North America at the turn of the last century. Maggie's Memories was created in memory of her mother and her grandmother and in honor of her daughter, Maggie, who is the fourth Margaret in a row.

Margaret is a self-taught artist who desires each of her pieces to tell a story, bring to mind a special memory, or evoke feelings of warmth, playfulness, and love. Margaret and Dennis invite you into the delightful world of Maggie's Memories charming little people.
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