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Get Smiles with Lori Mitchell's Figurines!

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Does your home need a little fun? Do you work at a doctor’s office or a work desk you like to decorate? Maybe you love celebrating seasons and holidays, and you need a way to express your festive spirit.

Well, Bayberry Cove has the figurines you need! They are created by an artist you may have heard of: Lori Mitchell. This talented artist has been creating paper mache figurines for over a decade, and her talent has captured hearts all over the world. Her figurines are the epitome of folk art - nostalgic, charming, and whimsical.

You will learn to recognize her style: she favors round faces and bodies and slender limbs. Though bright, the colors she uses have a vintage warmth to them. She pays wonderful attention to detail - you will see it in her figurines’ clothes, faces, and accessories. Fabric has wrinkles, shoes have straps, and cheeks are rosy. She has managed to capture the perfect balance of detail and overall charm!

One of the best things about Lori Mitchell is her ability to capture the richness of Americana. You do not even have to be shopping her 4th of July collection - simply look at any of her figurines, and you will see the simple charm that makes Americana so appealing. Suspenders, hats, combed hair, and happy expressions make her figurines into lovely expressions of America’s heart.

Lori Mitchell’s work is popular, and each of her figurines is one-of-a-kind. Invest in these collectibles with Bayberry Cove and spruce up your home, office, or desk. You will see more smiles!