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Why You Need Lori Mitchell Figurines

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Figurines have the power to make us remember what it was like to be kids. They capture the fun in life, whether it is the excitement of a holiday or the simple pleasure of a normal day. Have you forgotten the how to enjoy the small things? Does your home, office, or desk need a little something special to remind you?

Bayberry Cove presents your solution: figurines created by Lori Mitchell. Famous for her whimsical designs, she is one of our favorite artists. She attended the Rhode Island School of design and has been creating delightful figurines for over a decade. Her work is inspired by children’s themes, and she has made capturing youthful spirit into a charming science. Her figurines are some of the most popular collectible figurines in the world.

Lori has developed her style enough to capture both holidays and normal days. Whether you need to spruce up an office for Halloween, capture the spirit of Christmas, or express your patriotism on the 4th of July, Lori has made a figurine for you. You will see her sense of humor come through in many of her figurines, especially the ones that capture the specialness of everyday life.

You will love her attention to detail - each figurine is carefully designed and painted to perfection. Basically, she has put her heart and soul into each figurine. Wherever you place the figurines you buy, they will bring smiles to people’s faces.

Explore Bayberry Cove’s magical Lori Mitchell collection today! They are keepsakes you will treasure.

Get Smiles with Lori Mitchell's Figurines!

Does your home need a little fun? Do you work at a doctor’s office or a work desk you like to decorate? Maybe you love celebrating seasons and holidays, and you need a way to express your festive spirit.Well, Bayberry Cove has the figurines you need! They are created by an artist you may have [...]

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