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Meet Bethany Lowe - Folk Artist Extraordinaire

Bethany Lowe Folk Art

Bethany Lowe is a self-taught artist whose love of antiques and holiday traditions has led her into the world of design. Her holiday collectibles and figurines are timeless traditions that have become a big part of many family traditions.  She began her career as an artist in 1987 when she created her first "Nostalgia for Nicholas Collection." Many are based upon folk art legend characters from around the world. However, her most popular designs have been inspired by her own imagination and life experiences. Her unique designs have resonated with folk art enthusiasts who appreciate her focus on supreme craftmanship and doing things the old fashioned way. 

Bethany has gone on to create her own, very successful vintage collectibles wholesale company, that houses dozens of talented folk artists that are "signed" under Beth. Her company reproduces their pieces for Bayberry Cove, your online home for the finest folk art figurines and vintage collections since 1999.

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